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THE BEAM - April 2001
April 2001

146.670- | W9EOC | 443.675+
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From N9TQV

Our March meeting was held at Aunt Helen’s Restaurant on March 7th with 17 present. I think our first dinner meeting was a success. We will try to plan more of these meetings in the upcoming months.
Kevin Mischler, N9TQR won $55 in the 80/20 drawing at our March meeting. Starting in April our 80/20 drawing will be revised. The limit will be lifted and an extra chip will be given to a member for attending meeting, participating in drawing and if 2001 dues are paid. We will try this until the end of the year.
Our web page will be made open for everyone. If a person begins to read our newsletter on the web page, they may become interested in our club doings and decide to attend.
We would like to have some ideas for raising money for our club. If anyone has some ideas, please let us know.
Our April meeting will be held in the St. Rose Building at 7:30 pm on the 4th. April Net Control will be N9QEI, Ray.
There will be a survey sheet (the last page of this newsletter) included in this newsletter with questions for a booklet on our club and its members. If there is anything you don’t want published, please indicate this. Please return as soon as possible. The club will reimburse you for postage.
If you have any ideas or articles for our newsletter, please submit them by the 20th of the month prior to the newsletter. You can mail or e-mail to Doug N9DUG (
I would like to wish everyone a Happy Spring and a Happy Easter, April 15. I’m sure we’re all ready for Spring.
Remember Dayton – May 18-20, 2001.
Bus to Dayton

Catch the “red-eye” and leave the driving to some other guy. For only 30 bucks (transportation cost only!), you can hitch a ride to Dayton on a bus with the Terrible Haute group and be home that night. This bus will be passing through Vincennes on its way to Terre Haute and will pick up any interested boarders from here. It’s departing from T.H. at 4:30 am. So figure about 3:00 am from Vincennes. There will be one stop each way for chow. These plans are not completely finalized. More info can be obtained later from K9ERE Gary Wheeler ( or stay tuned to the 146.850 repeater.
Area Repeater Revived

There is a newly reactivated repeater in the area. It is located in Bloomington and is running under the WB9HZX callsign. 147.18+ is the frequency. This repeater is open for anyone's use and does not require a PL tone. There are a few possible changes in the future. New emergency power, batteries and antenna are on the way.
80/20 Drawing Results

February: N9QEF Bill Ashley not present
March: N9TQR Kevin Mischler present
Spring Sprints

2001 Spring VHF/UHF Sprints
International Contest
April 9 thru May 5, 2001
Sponsored by East Tennessee DX Association / NJ4I

ETDXA would like to remind everyone that the first of the Spring Sprints is only a few weeks away. Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if only in a small way. The rules have intentionally remained simple, and yes, they do encourage rover and microwave operation. The contest is intended for single operator, single transmitter entries, however if one wishes to introduce a newcomer to weak signal vhf/uhf operations, the sponsors of the contest reserve the right to allow such entries, if identified as such. If there are any clubs, newsletters, or periodicals, which need to be added to distribution, please let me know. We are continuing to refine the process, and we appreciate all the support, which has been shown ETDXA. Certificates from 2000 are in process now. The rules for 2001 will be placed on the ETDXA Web site;
1. Object: To work as many amateur stations in as many 2 degrees by 1 degree grid squares as possible, using authorized amateur frequencies on the 50, 144, 222, 432, 902 MHz and above bands.
2. Contest Period: The 144 MHz Sprint will be from 7 PM until 11 PM local time on Monday (April 9, 2001).
The 222 MHz Sprint will be from 7 PM until 11 PM local time on Tuesday (April 17, 2001).
The 432 MHz Sprint will be from 7 PM until 11 PM local time on Wednesday (April 25, 2001).
The Microwave Sprint will be on Saturday (May 5, 2001) from 6 AM until 1 PM local time. This includes all Amateur frequencies above 903 MHz. Please include band data in summaries and logs. NOTE: use of Liaison Frequency is encouraged.

Questions? Email
Upcoming Hamfests

April 07, Columbus, IN
April 21, Michigan City, IN
April 29, Arthur, IL
May 18-20, Dayton, OH
June 10, Wabash, IN
June 17, Crown Pont, IN
July 7, Indianapolis, IN
Aug 5, Angola, IN
Aug 12, Greentown, IN
Oct. 7, Bedford, IN
Nov. 17-18, Fort Wayne, IN
Nov. 24, Evansville, IN

Note: Please verify the above dates/times before departing to these events. Accuracy not guaranteed.
Meeting Information

Our meetings are help on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM at the St.Rose Building (5th & Hart). April 4th will be the next meeting. Please check monthly for meeting location. Occasionally, we will meet at other locations such as restaurants.

Weekly Emergency Net

OPARS Emergency Net is held every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM on 146.670-. All amateurs are encouraged to participate!

2001 Officers and Directors


President -N9TQV -Mary Campbell
Vice Pres.-KB9INQ -Herb Brocksmith
Sec/Tres. -KA9LDD -Jim France
Trustee -K9YFA -Tom Brouillette


N9TQR-Kevin Mischler
KB9MNR-Jim Streeter
NO9N-Steve Sage
K9ZKX-Mac Campbell