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Special thanks to Lyndon (K9EZL) for these pictures.
Mayor Terry Mooney at the Field Day site
Steve N09N works 40 meters, while JP KB9TGI logs
The 40 meter beam in the air!
Another shot of the 40 meter beam
The 40 meter beam in the air while the SWR is being checked
The 40 meter beam being put together
More SWR testing on the 40 meter beam
The 40 meter beam about to be mounted onto the "tower"
SPECIAL EVENT STATION W9R 2006 - Vincennes Rendezvous
Special thanks to Lyndon (K9EZL) for these pictures.
The OPARS tent at the Vincennes Rendezvous
Jim KA9LDD, Mac K9ZKX, Dave W9DP, Steve NO9N, and John KC9CNR at the Vincennes Rendezvous
SPECIAL EVENT STATION W9R 2003 - Vincennes Rendezvous
Lyndon K9EZL and Joe N9XEM begin to setup
Todd N9TDC on the air, while John KC9CNR, Mac K9ZKX look things over & Lyndon talks to a Red Cross member
Has anything changed since picture 2?
Todd N9TDC still working W9R, while John, Mac, and Lyndon & a Red Cross member talk things over
Still the samething from picture 4
Mac K9ZKX, Dave W9DP, Lyndon K9EZL, Gary WB9UDJ & John KC9CNR talk things over
Jim KA9LDD works on an antenna
Jim KA9LDD still working on that antenna
Mac, Dave, Lyndon , Gary and John talk, while in the background Tanner W9TWJ works the station
Tanner W9TWJ working the station W9R, while the guys are still talking in the background
Tanner W9TWJ still on the air, Lyndon K9EZL, Gary WB9UDJ and John KC9CNR take a break
Jim KA9LDD trying the get that darn antenna to tune
Tanner W9TWJ works the station W9R, with not much time left in the event
Evening Dinner is served
Tri-Band Antenna up in the air
80 Meter Antenna
Home Brew crank up tower, with the 40 meter dipole
Ray N9QEI working the 40 meter band in the late night
Todd N9TDC working 20 meter SSB in the late night
Ray N9QEI still at it on 40
Ray N9QEI is still working the 40 meter band
Tanner W9TWJ working 40 meter SSB in the late night
Jim KA9CQX(left) logs while Steve NO9N(right) works the radio on 20 SSB
Breakfast in served in the early hours of Sunday
The bottom of the Logging Computer
Ben working the 20 meter SSB in the closing of Field Day
Ben still on 20 with only a couple of hours remaining, while Tanner W9TWJ(in the background) working a big pile up on 40
Tanner(W9TWJ) talks and logs at the same time
James(KB9TGC)and Jim(KA9LDD), getting up the video camera,Bryon(KB9LNC) and Jim(KB9SWA) operate
JP(KB9TGI) is getting ready for the action
Dave(W9DP) is getting ready to answer a computer problem
Doug(N9DUG) and Sandy(the cook) smile for the camera
Where is everyone??
Is the camera ready yet?
Not working now??
Tanner(W9TWJ) operates 40 meters
Sleep...during Field Day?
Herb(KB9INQ) talks to Bill(KB9OOL) and wife
The generator trailer
The antenna trailer
JP(KB9TGI) operates HF
Tanner(W9TWJ) operates and Jim(KA9LDD) is just laughing
Rod(KB9LNA) talks to Kevin(N9TQR)
Herb(KB9INQ) and Jim(KB9SWA) takes a coffee break
Jim(KA9LDD) helps JP(KB9TGI)
A chat out by the antennas
Doug(N9DUG) tries HF, while Jim(KA9LDD) and Rod(KB9LNA) mess with the TV
Tanner(W9TWJ) operates, JP(KB9TGI) logs
A group chat
Byron(KB9LNC), Herb(KB9INQ), Sandy(cook) talk things over
Doug(N9DUG) works the radio, Jim(KB9SWA),Rod(KB9LNA), and Jim(KA9LDD) getting it done
Tanner(W9TWJ) and Doug(N9DUG) operate, and JP(KB9TGI) logs
The TV is on!
Rick(KB9PKO) arrives to the site
Jim(KA9LDD) operates and talks to Joe(N9XEM)
Tanner(W9TWJ) operating
Tanner(W9TWJ) still at it
Tanner(W9TWJ) still operating and Jim(KA9CQX) logs
Steve(NO9N) operates and Kevin(N9TQR) logs
It's late night and Ray(N9QEI) digs in the box looking for some sugar to keep him awake
Tanner(W9TWJ) still on the radio, Jim(KA9CQX) logs
Steve(NO9N) operating, Kevin(N9TQR) logs
Tanner(W9TWJ), Jim(KA9CQX), Ray(N9QEI) works HF
Tanner's Dad, talks to Dave(W9DP)
Tanner(W9TWJ) is still operating in the morning
Tanner(W9TWJ) trying to pull one out
Jim(KA9LDD) helps the loger
Breakfast is ready!
Tanner(W9TWJ) operating, JP(KB9TGI) breaks
Rick(KB9PKO) naps
Jim(KA9LDD) operates, Mac(K9ZKX) logs
Field Day Center for 2000
Wabash River, Vincennes, IN
Jim(KB9SWA) talks to Rod(KB9LNA)
Jim(KA9LDD), Mac(K9ZKX), and Tanner(W9TWJ)
Tanner(W9TWJ) still on the radio in the closing hours of Field Day

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