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PO Box 834 Vincennes, IN 47591
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The 146.670(-) repeater is located approximately 3 miles east of Vincennes on Tower road on the Vincennes University tower. The repeaters operates on a PL tone of 91.5. The repeater provides a range, for solid contacts, of about 35 miles in all directions.

Our 443.675(+) repeater is located 2 1/2 miles north of the 2 meter site. Our 443.675 operates on a PL tone of 91.5 and has a range for solid contact around 50 miles. The tower is owned by Cablevision of Vincennes.

Testing by our ARRL Examiners is held twice a year at Vincennes University.
Next testing session is: Unknown
There are no classes scheduled at this time. If you need help getting your license, please refer to our members e-mail list. We will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Our Christmas party is usually held on the second Wednesday of December at a local restaurant in Vincennes. The location for the Christmas Party will be announced on the net.

The OPARS Club station and meeting room is located at the St. Rose building in Vincennes. Our radio equipment has generously been provided by the Knox County Civil Defense.

Every year in May a group from OPARS takes a trip to the biggest event of the year for the Radio Community, The Dayton Hamvention. Everyone going, packs their 440 radio and sets the frequency to 443.675 PL 91.5(440 Club Repeater) so we can "catch" all the bargains and just to keep in touch. Saturday we all go out to eat together. Sunday we all gather for the prize drawings before coming back home. We all have a great time while in Dayton, be sure to join us next year!

Yes, we do participate in Fox Hunting. Our fox hunts are usually not scheduled and are the result of someone at the meeting suggesting it. Listen to our weekly 2 meter net for notification of our next hunt. Fox Hunts are fun, but please leave your guns and dogs home. OK!!! Maybe the dog can come along. Don't forget to bring your mini-beams and attenuators. Our foxes are known to be slippery and cunning, however they are usually always found.

Each year the 4th weekend in June is reserved for Field Day, an ARRL sponsored event. This is a nationwide emergency preparedness exercise to check amateur radio equipment and services during "adverse" operating conditions. OPARS participates in this exercise. The location will be sent out in The Beam.
»Class: During Field Day, OPARS operates under: 2A IN

Regular club meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm local time in room 316 in Davis Hall (2nd street) on the Vincennes University campus. Please tune into the net, as the location might be changed due to a "special event" the club might be doing that month. Board meetings are held upon request of a Board member. You do not have to be a member to attend one of our regular meetings. Visitors are always welcome.

Directions: Go in the back door, thru the 2nd set of doors, take the elevator to the third floor and turn right out of the elevator. Parking will be available on the lot behind the building and on the street. Vehicles will not be towed as parking permits are not required after 5pm.

All club members are free to participate in the 80/20 drawing held at our monthly meetings. See the newsletter for the amount currently in the Kitty, and check out our latest winner. Also we have an annual fund raising drawing with great prizes.

In order for our Secretary/Treasure to maintain a good clean record of all club members, it is requested that all OPARS members and anyone who wishes to join OPARS to complete and either send in, or bring a Membership Application to the next club meeting you attend.

The OPARS regular net meets every Thursday at 8:00pm local time on our 146.670(-) repeater. Check in with us and join the fun. Net Control duties will be shared by the OPARS membership on a monthly basis. Yearly Net Control List

The official OPARS newsletter, The Beam, is sent to all dues paying households. The Beam is published monthly. You can now read the newsletter online!

Our Tailgate party is held at Camp Arthur during October. And later that night we have our annual Wiener Roast. We always have a good time, selling, buying, giving away and wheeling and dealing. At breakfast we serve our patented biscuits and gravy. Tune into the net for the announced date for the Tailgate Party/Wiener Roast.

What is Amateur Radio? For more information, go here.
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