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Field Day 2002

Last Revision 06/27/2002
Every year ham radio operators roll out their emergency gear for testing and take part in the ARRL Field Day. As part as an annual thing to go along with set up for contesting, participants meet in the morning for breakfast before heading out to the Field Day site, which this year we were back at Camp Author. At the end of every Field Day, the planning begins for next years Field Day. As always, it took a lot of time, planning and work to make this years Field Day fun and enjoyable. I would like to thank anyone who helped in anyway with this year's activity. Also would like to thank: Jim, Ray, and Scott for bringing out some of their gear to be used this year.

Nine o'clock rolled around and people were starting to show up on site after getting their final 'energy' boost before the work had to be done to set up. First, the military 50-foot tower that holds the clubs 3-element HF beam went up. We were later told by Tom, K9YFA, that the manual says two people can set this thing up in one hour, I beg to differ honestly! After the antenna is put together, then it is time to crank up the tower by placing, one at a time, individual sections on the tower. After this is complete, then it is time to pull up the 80-meter dipole. Once this is done, it's it time to crank up the home-brew tower that the 40-meter dipole is on. This took a little over twenty minutes to accomplish. After all this was done, it was about 12:30 and it was time to get on the radio and test everything out. SWR readings were good, voice and audio checks came back good, and for me it was time to find a spot call CQ a couple times and rag chew with a couple stations before the contest began. Talking for about 20 minutes and giving other stations reports of their audio is was now time to say for the first time this year "CQ Field Day CQ Field from W9EOC". It did not take long to get a lot of stations in there wanting to make a quick contact. As it was obvious to tell by our log a couple hours into the contest, the band was doing quite well for the contest.

Quickly, time pasted and it was time for OPARS annual club dinner. Herb, KB9INQ cooked the turkey and later we were treated to homemade ice cream from Mary N9TQV. All in all, dinner was very good and it was time once again to get back on the radios and continue to rack up contacts. As I soon noticed, it was midnight and the hours of Field Day 2002 were slowly counting down. Few people were on site in the late hours of Saturday, but most of the people who stayed were in the sack by midnight.

It was now morning, and it was time for biscuits and gravy. This year, with the 'OK' of Ray, N9QEI, we let Herb, KB9INQ make the breakfast. The 'OK' was only needed because of a previous Field Day when we discovered the method used for make the biscuits and gravy. With all this aside, Herb did a good job and breakfast was good and provided the last boost to go out and work the radios before Field Day came to a close. With only a few hours left, things that were longer being used were starting to be packed away and it was only a matter of time before the radios had to be shut down. It was now time for the radios to be shut down, military tower, antennas, and the home-brew tower taken down as Field Day 2002 was officially over. This year's point total is expected to be a little higher than last years. But don't get to down, plans for Field Day 2003 are in the making and before to long you'll be hearing once again:
CQ FIELD DAY CQ FIELD DAY from W9EOC from W9EasyOceanCharlie

--Pictures from this year--
View the picture clip that was displayed in the newspaper
The military tower is almost ready to go up
The military tower is up!
Contesting as began, Tanner W9TWJ operates & logs as viewers look on
Tom K9YFA has been working very hard!
Tanner W9TWJ works 40 meters as Joe N9XEM logs also Scott & Lyndon work PSK31
Another look at the military tower
Military tower with a look at the 80 meter dipole
A look in on the operating center
Mid-section of the military tower with the home-brew crank up tower with the 40 meter dipole in the background
A thanks to Todd N9TDC for the pictures

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