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THE BEAM - February 2001
February 2001

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President's Message

I was to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year in 2001. Also, I would like to thank, Doug, N9DUG, for being our President for 1999 and 2000. Thanks Doug for doing a great job.
As your President for 2001, I will do my best to have a variety of meetings, with the help of all the club members. If there is anyone with suggestions for meetings and things to do; please contact me. My phone number is 812-324-2543.

Our Christmas Dinner was held on December 20 at Charlie's Smorgasbord. There were 15 people present. All had a very good meal and great fellowship. The January meeting was held at the Learning Resource Center (library) at V.U. Thanks to Dave Pruitt W9DP for hosting and conducting a tour of the facility. We're thinking of having some dinner meetings, held at different restaurants in town. Please plan to attend. These will be announced on the Thursday night new before the meeting date of any other way to get the message out to you.

Our newsletter will be coming out quarterly this year. We're going to try something new. If anyone has any articles they would like to see in the newsletter, please get them to KB9INQ Herb, N9DUG Doug, or myself N9TQV Mary or any officer will see that it gets there. Thank you
From this direction

During our December meeting N9TQV Mary was elected president of OPARS for the year 2001. Mary received her ham license in May of 1993 and has been an active participant in our club since that time. She and K9ZKX Mac have been married for many years and reside in the Bruceville area. This is the first time OPARS has had a female president and I am happy to see her volunteer for this job. Although the job of president is time consuming at times, I know Mary is very capable of handling this responsibility. Let's all do our part to help her have a good year.

Many new ideas were discussed at the January meeting. Among those ideas were changing the 80/20 drawing - I have no idea what changes those present my decide to do, however, bring yourself and lots of ideas to the next meeting. Reasons you should be at next meeting: 1. We are going to have a slow scan demonstration at the meeting (1 mtr & HF) 2. Your dues are due for 2001. 3. Need to voice your opinion on 80/20 4. Need you input on programs for the year. 5. Mary is doing a great job. 6th and most important- we miss ya...(well, some of ya anyway!) KB9INQ
Silent Keys

On December the 14th KB9SEQ Bob Helderman became a silent key. Bob had been in the hospital with heart problems and had returned home for only a few days. Bob often talked of the enjoyment he had on the radio talking with hams as he trucked cross-country for Geladon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Dee.

On December 16th KB9LNA Rodney Smith also became a silent key. Rodney enjoyed talking on 20 meters following the efforts to return to the Navy LST 325 for Souda Bay, Crete, which was using the frequency 14.244 MHz. Rodney was also very active in many club activities and especially as net control during our Skywarn nets. He was always there to help us however he could and will be miss by many hams. Our thoughts and prayers are with you KB9TGC James and family.
It is difficult to say a final "73" to Bob and Rod.
AO-40 Update
submitted by KA9LDD


IPS up & running, updated Keps

DB2OS: ZL1AOX successfully uploaded IPS and we have now first telemetry. We are currently investigating the telemetry to determine the status and healthy of the spacecraft. The spacecraft will only transmit on S-Band and we will not switch TX configurations to V-Band until we have a better knowledge of the s/c status.

DJ4ZC: A first(quick) look has revealed that some temperature sensors and possibly some current sensors have been lost by whatever incident cause the telemetry transmissions to stop. However, the power situation, in particular the battery voltages, look nominal.

We will now start a detailed analysis of the situations; the command stations will continue to follow a conservative philosophy with the primary target of not causing and additional damage along with retaining as much evidence as possible for the analysis of the incident.

Furthermore, command stations will now try to uplink the entire operational software package, which in particular should establish positive control over the power generation system. From there on, the communications capabilities of the spacecraft will be explored. The 2-meter transmitter is considered off limits for the time being(in case that it may have been damaged and thus might have the potential to cause the IHU to crash). The risk is too large before the WARTE-ORBITS and COMMAND-ASSIST programs have been updated to reflect the actual capabilities of the satellite available after the incident.

During the next few days we hope to learn to what extent the satellite was damaged and to what extent this will impact mission targets. When we have further analysis, we will report again.

73's, Karl, DJ4ZC

The Club's web page is now under new management. Tanner W9TWJ eagerly volunteered to assume this responsibility at the January club meeting. If you point your browser to the new address you will note that he's already been busy and perfectly qualified for this duty. Any ideas or suggestions that you have should be forwarded to

Upcoming Hamfests

January 14 Goshen, IN
January 27 St. Charles, MO
February 24 LaPorte, IN
April 7 Columbus, IN

Note: Please verify the above dates/times before departing to these events. Accuracy not guaranteed.
Dues are Due

It's that time again! Phone patch codes will be changing. Also, it has been proposed at the January meeting that only paid-up members will be eligible for the drawing.

Meeting Information

Our meeting are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM at the St. Rose Building(5th & Hart). February 7th will be the next meeting and this one will be held at our usual location.

Field Day 2001

No, it's not too early to start talkin' Field Day! This more you play, the better it will be. Thanks to Dave W9Dp, we've already honed in to a good location. OPARS Field Day 2001 will be held at Ouabache Trails Park. As you know, this national event is held on the fourth weekend in June, so plan to join us at the park on the 23rd and 24th.

Net Control Schedule

OPARS Emergency Net is held every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM on 146.670-. The following is the net control schedule for the first quarter of 2001:
January: NO9N
February: N9DUG
March: KB9INQ

2001 Officers and Directors


President -N9TQV -Mary Campbell
Vice Pres.-KB9INQ -Herb Brocksmith
Sec/Tres. -KA9LDD -Jim France
Trustee -K9YFA -Tom Brouillette


N9TQR-Kevin Mischler
KB9MNR-Jim Streeter
NO9N-Steve Sage
K9ZKX-Mac Campbell