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Hamfests & Testing

Last Revision 5/21/2003

Upcoming Hamfests

5/16-18/03 Dayton Hamvention Dayton,OH Talk-in 146.940(-)
6/8/03 Wabash Hamfest Wabash,IN Talk-in 147.030(+)
8/3/03 Land of Lakes Hamfest Angola,IN
8/10/03 Greentown Hamfest Greentown,IN
11/15/03 Indiana State Convention Fort Wayne,IN

V.E. Testing

5/31/03 Evansville,IN Red Cross Building
6/14/03 Jasper,IN County Building
6/21/03 Evansville,IN Red Cross Building
6/28/03 Vincennes,IN Camp Arthur Talk-in 146.670(-) [during Field Day]
7/21-24/03 Evansville,IN Executive Inn
7/26/03 Evansville,IN Red Cross Building
8/30/03 Evansville,IN Red Cross Building

Note: Please verify the above dates/times before departing to these events. Accuracy not guaranteed

If you would like your Hamfest or Testing event posted on our page, please drop us an e-mail. Please include the following: Date(s), Where, When, Time, Who to contact for more information.

Please Note: It does not have to be a Hamfest, we welcome Tailgate Parties as well!